In 1997, Andre Taylor lost nearly everything. He was stripped of his financial resources, many of his friends and confidants had deserted him, and worst of all, he was staring down the very real possibility of spending the rest of his life in federal prison. While being in such straits would break many men, Andre drew strength from his faith in God, his loving wife Athena, and from the depths of the manhood that he had developed throughout his life. Andre refused to plea bargain, refused to cry about his circumstances, and refused to blame any person or prosecutor for his legal difficulties. By the time the gavel hit the bench, Andre Taylor was sentenced to just over five years in confinement.

Prison’s iron bars and thick walls didn’t embitter Andre, nor weaken him. He was assigned to landscaping detail as a means of humiliating this former “man of leisure,” but worked in the garden with the same dedicated zeal that he brought to the street, the pulpit, or any other enterprise he undertook. He gradually earned the respect of all in his orbit, be they his jailers or his fellow inmates. Andre took what he could from this experience, and true to his father’s teachings, used his time to expand his knowledge base and his understanding of life.

Upon his release in 2001, Andre Taylor had to start again from scratch. He was broke, living with relatives, but still in possession of his most valuable commodities; his keen mind and his personal integrity. It was his core principles learned throughout his life that facilitated his most impressive achievement to date, his rebirth.

Since then Andre has wasted no time in building an impressive resume of accomplishments. Andre Taylor attributes his inspiration from being intellectual, spiritual, and worldly. In turn, others can legitimately look to him for guidance, wisdom. and counsel. With these basic fundamentals, he was able to create some powerful tools that allow people from all walks of life to benefit from the lessons Andre has both learned and taught. Since 2001, Andre Taylor has had several speaking/teaching engagements, including lecturing in criminal justice programs on major college campuses. Andre Taylor appeared as a guest on “The Montel Williams Show,” on May 24th 2007 to offer his guidance and help in understanding the street life. Andre has held seminars at treatment centers, spoken at prisons and appeared on the TBN network several times.